Lessons and studies from the Bible

Offense in the Body of Messiah-
Backgrounds of the Book of Ephesians
Backgrounds of the Book of Thessalonians
Love your neighbor- what does that mean?
Take every thought captive
Book of Esther- a book for the Bride


You can hear Phil's teachings on the Torah portions by going here:     https://youtu.be/ShGiByXhRCU

Health Classes:

Basic Home Health Care-  This class teaches you how to handle basic health care needs that arise in most homes, especially

     those with children.  You will learn how to naturally handle many familiar ailments such as allergies, strep throat, flu and colds,

     and even pesky moles and warts, just to name a few.  This class is two hours long giving you helpful information as well as

     hands on experience.  Class size 5-10 people per class.   Requires a stove or other heating element.  

First Aid in the Home-  This class will teach you how to handle most "emergencies" within the home without having to run to

     the emergency room or medical clinic.  You will learn the natural resources that you already have in your home.  This class

     is an hour long with hands on experience while learning.  Class size 5-10 people. 

Teshuva Class-  This class is the beginning of returning (teshuva) to the health God originally intended His people to have.  This 

     class will discuss health and eating habits, the first steps to take in cleaning up our bodies, how to nourish our bodies and our

     brains with real foods, and healthy alternatives to our favorite foods.  This class will provide tasty treats and hands on

     experience that will empower you to keep moving forward to better health and a clean temple for the Spirit of God to dwell.  

     This class is 2 hours.  Class size 5-10 people per class.  Requires electric outlet and a sink in the rooms.

Natural Skin Care- Our skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs everything put on it.   All those products we use from

     shampoo, soap, and facial moisturizers contain chemicals that are being absorbed into the body and slowly poisoning us.  So

     what do we do?  We can be clean and beautiful naturally!  Learn how to replace those poisons with products made with

     natural and healthy ingredients.  Each class is 2 hours long and provides you with hands on experience of making your own

     natural skin care products.  Class size 5-12 people per class.  Requires tables or counters upon which to work, electric outlets,

     and a sink in the room.

Expectant and New Parents-  This class is geared specifically to those are expecting, hope to be expecting, and/or new parents.

     Your health before you even conceive a child will effect the health of your child.  The way you nourish and treat your body

     while expecting will affect the child's health, your labor and delivery, success in nursing, and starting out your exciting

     journey as parents.  This class will also touch on some of the more common health experiences your child will go through

     in his/her first year of life and how you can handle them with confidence.  Class size 5-12.  Electric outlets required in room.

Essential oils for Beginners

     This class will introduce you to essential oils.  Whether you have never experienced them, or have simply dabbled a little in them, this class will give you the foundation you need to confidently use and enjoy essential oils and three wonderful carrier oils.  You will learn what essential oils are, how they are made, their sources, and how they are used.  You will also learn how the properties and uses of the three most popular oils; peppermint, lemon, and lavender. Clary

Essential oils; the next step

     This class will build upon the first class providing information concerning the properties and uses of 12 more essential oils to add to your tool kit.  These 12 oils are easy to find, fun and useful, and pretty easy on the budget.  Clary Sage, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Clove, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Geranium, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Thyme will be thoroughly discussed and enjoyed.  You will also receive recipes for using these great oils in your home immediately.  

The Wonderful World of Carrier Oils- 

     This class will teach you what you need to know about 20 different carrier oils.  You will learn their properties, uses, advantages, and cautions for each one.  You will be empowered to pick the right carrier oil to go with your essential oils according to what it is you desire to achieve with the essential oil.  You will also know which oils to avoid according to certain situations. 

The Truth about Bitters

     Did you know that bitters used to be a regular part of our diet?  Do you know how much we have suffered by taking them out of our regular diet?  This class will inform you on what bitters are and  how they work within the body to help the body maintain optimum health.  You will also receive ideas on how to reintroduce these marvelous workers into your diet and enjoy them.  

This is a list of classes or lessons we are available to teach to your group, organization, or congregation.  To schedule or to receive more information go to the contact us page. We will update this page often. 

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