Praise be to our King!  The first childrens' book is now available for purchase! 

                                                                    EREV SHABBAT is $12.50 per book.  Shipping is $2.00 for the first book, 75 cents for

                                                                    each book after that.   To purchase send your request  to

                                                            either use our contact link or send

                                                                    us an email from your email.   Add us to your contacts so you receive our response.

                                                                               Then send a check or money order for amount to 

                                                                    DeAnna Willman  2026 Harvard, Levelland, Texas 79336

                                                                    I will email you the USPS tracking number day I ship the books.

                                                                    Thank you to Randi K Porter for the amazing illustrations!  


                We are working on getting a store on our website,  please forgive the inconvenience of

                 ordering by email and mail at this time. IF you desire to use paypal, let us know when you contact us.              

    Copies of I Am A Hebrew in the English and in the Spanish (Soy un Hebreo)

are quickly moving out of our office and into the hands of many people around the country. 

It is so exciting to know that our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters are finally getting this

popular book into their hands in their own language.  Thank you for helping make that a reality!

Thank you to Jeanne Cason for creating the beautiful cover for our Spanish edition

Each edition of the I Am A Hebrew in either language is $10 for each book. 

For shipping please add  $2.00 shipping for the first book and .75 for each additional book.  

     Thank you for continuing to see this book as a useful tool in sharing truth with so many others.   

                                                           Proclaim My Feasts continues to sell well and be a help to those who desire to know the

                                                           Father's heart concerning His feasts.  Those new to this walk are especially finding this book

                                                           helpful since it sticks with scripture and does not overwhelm the reader with traditions and

                                                           misunderstandings.   We still have several copies available for you.  Proclaim my Feasts is  

                                                           $7per book.  Shipping and handling is $2.00 for the first book, .75 for each additional book

                                                           Thank you to each one of you who made this printing possible, and thank you to our 

                                                           awesome God.  May this book encourage and bless all who read it.  

                                                           Thanks for Gail Andrews for allowing me to use her painting for our cover! 

                                                           Thanks to Kimberly Oney, we now have the book formatted for mobile readers.   Find

                                                           it on 


    Through the power and direction of our Messiah, I have written 9 books for children, ages 3-6.  Each one deals with the Feasts of YHWH on a child's level so that our children may learn about the amazing Feasts of our God through an engaging story and beautiful illustrations.   Please be praying for our illustrator as she works on them, now.  May YHWH continue to direct and inspire her as she works through all 9 of these books.    (We hope to have the second one ready for purchase in July)  

    I am nearly finished writing a collection of stories for children, ages 6-10, teaching them how Yah's instructions for loving our neighbor applies to them today.  Please pray that Yah will give me the tools and inspiration needed to complete the task He has given me. Praise to Him for providing an illustrator for this book, already!  May He give her direction and divine inspiration in her work.     May YHWH continue to direct these projects and bring about the blessings they are to be for His people.  Hallelu Yah! 

     Thank you and may YHWH bless you and keep you in your walk with Him.  May He also continue to open doors for all of us to spread His gospel to the world.  All glory be to Him!


It is our prayer that through this website you will be blessed and encouraged in your walk with our King and Savior.  

Examining the entire Word of God so that we can truly be the light of the world

Seven Lamps Ministries